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Parenting. Working. Living.


   The Show

Liz.                                                                      Mike.

One couple.

Two lives disrupted.

One reason: they have a newborn.

Where can they find the respite they so recently lost and crave? Can they, as individuals, still exist? Is there an escape when someone else requires you to shut down your life and give them everything?


No. Yes. Maybe?

The shower.                                      Two showers.

Liz, hungry for her own thoughts and career, struggles to step out of her “mom” responsibilities and allow herself space to step into her life again, for a few minutes.

Mike, confronted with his tendency toward absence and the pesky little requirements of having a job, struggles to redefine deeply rooted habits and roles when his family needs him in the one place he can’t always be: home.


The Shower Principle: it’s when you’re simply living, going through the everyday process, like taking a shower, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, an idea sparks--and life becomes a little more clear.






Heather Jefferies hails from Sacramento, California, where she discovered a passion and love for performing at the age of 3. She received her BFA in Music Dance Theater from Brigham Young University a couple years ago, where she met her husband Andrew. Her favorite roles include Ado Annie in Oklahoma, Grace O'Malley in The Pirate Queen, and Deb in the Broadway National Tour of Elf the Musical. In addition to her singing and dancing abilities, Heather has a talent for dialects, jazz scatting, physical combat, and choreography. In her down time, you'll find Heather baking pies, reading books in the park, and sewing new dresses while Ella Fitzgerald serenades her in the background. Heather is so excited to be expecting her first baby in November!




From Fort Worth, Texas, Andrew Jefferies is a recent graduate of the Music Dance Theatre program at BYU. Some of his favorite credits include Harry in Company, Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Henry in Next to Normal, and Young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Andrew loves to play piano, read, cook, and spend time with his wife Heather. Andrew is thrilled to move to New York with his little family and continue his career.

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Writer, Editor, Narrator

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For Taylor—— For leaping in faith with me and for us.

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